Program Reviews

Some reviews of our programs:

Why Birds Matter: 

"My husband and I attended this presentation and enjoyed it so much. Eye-opening, educational, instructive and moving, it speaks to everyone in the audience.  I thought I already liked birds but this program gave me a whole new appreciation of them; not just their incredible beauty, diversity and charm but also their grit and resilience as well, and what they're up against in a world of ever-decreasing habitat.  Their needs are specific but basic and attainable and this presentation clarifies those needs perfectly. My husband, who's an engineer, really appreciated the "How We Can Help" portion of the program - lots of concrete, straightforward ideas and suggestions that are being done and that we can start doing ourselves to help birds and their natural environment (and ours!) and make a difference.  Very inspiring!"  Barbara S.


Stella Miller has given several presentations that I had the pleasure of seeing.  On two occasions I asked her to speak at the Syosset Garden Club.  One presentation, Why Birds Matter drew so much interest from our members that they asked questions for an hour after Stella finished her presentation!  Her presentations include excellent audio visual support.  She is a very knowledgeable speaker and I highly recommend her. 

Bonnie OConnell President, Syosset Garden Club


Owls, Their Natural History and Adaptations/The Wonderful World of LI’s Woodpeckers”/Creating Backyard Habitats:

"I’ve attended several of Stella Miller’s programs at WBU Syosset and have been inspired by all of them.  It’s clear that she cares about her subject matter, and you will too!  Whether you are a lifelong/veteran naturalist or just beginning to explore the avian world, Stella’s enthusiasm for birds is contagious.  Her expertise is invaluable and her programs on owls and woodpeckers showcase these two niche species as the marvels of design and adaptation that they truly are.  Informative and fun, and accompanied by beautiful photos and video that really bring the subject to life, the programs take you on a journey into the hidden worlds of these fascinating birds.  Thought-provoking content as well.  “Creating Backyard Habitats” takes a refreshing and much-needed approach to gardening as stewardship.  Whether you maintain a half-acre, a public garden, or a container on a porch, this program will help you understand what creates functional habitat.   The program’s suggestions that I’ve put into place in my own garden are already bearing fruit (literally and figuratively!) – a garden teeming with life, with more birds and pollinators visiting than ever before. Highly recommend!"  Barbara S.


Why Birds Matter

Stella Miller presented at Hudson River Audubon of Westchester’s April 2019 Spring Annual Luncheon. Her program “Why Birds Matter, The Threats They Face, How We Can Help” was a hit. Her colorful, sharp and pleasing slides was matched with an impassioned and well-spoken presentation. The talk was both entertaining and informative and we had many requests to have her do a future program at our monthly meetings.  Michael Bochnik,  President - Hudson River Audubon Society of Westchester


Owls/Why Birds Matter/Birds in Our Backyards

"Stella’s expertise and commitment to conservation are evident in her public nature program presentations. In the past year, I have attended several of her presentations, including “Why Birds Matter,”  “Birds in Our Backyards” and “Owls of Long Island”.  I thoroughly enjoyed each of her talks. Stella delivers these presentations in such an engaging, humorous and entertaining manner. She captivates the audience. I always leave with a fun-fact or two and look forward to attending her next program. I highly recommend attending any of Stella’s presentations! There is no doubt you will have a great time in a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by many Bird Nerds!"  Katrina F.


Backyard Habitats/Owls

"My husband and I attended Stella Miller's programs on "Creating Backyard Habitats Through Living Landscapes" and "Discovering the Owls of Long Island". Through her programs, Stella gives some real insight on how we can not only help keep our precious wildlife in our own backyard now, but keep their numbers strong for future generations to enjoy as well.  She gives scientific information, but makes it relatable through the knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic way in which the information is presented. Armed with the information I have learned in her programs, I now have a greater understanding, appreciation and deeper affection for wildlife.    Thank you for offering such wonderful programs at your store. I look forward to attending many more."  Christine A.


Programs in General

"Stella Miller’s presentation’s are awesome. She is so knowledgeable about birds and she brings such enthusiasm to every program she presents. She is a wealth of information and I have learned so much from her.  I look forward to more programs!"  Joanne N.


"Thanks to Syosset WBU I’ve been able to attend Stella Miller’s amazing presentations on Zoom, even though I live outside of Austin, Texas. Whether she presents Woodpeckers, Owls or creating backyard habitats, we watch her with rapt attention! Even though birds and habitat have long been areas of interest to me, Stella has unveiled so much more I didn’t know through her beautiful images, videos and eloquent words. Stella is a natural. I would welcome any chance for repeated viewing of these programs as there’s such a lavish amount of information. Stella has the mind of a scientist and the exuberant heart of an artist. My property is now even more of a native habitat than it was with so many species of plants and birds. Can’t wait for the next one!"  Katy N.