How to Attract More Birds with Peanuts

Peanuts are the best single source of protein and fat for your birds and a great addition to the choices you offer in your yard. Shelled peanuts (or peanuts without a shell) are a high-energy food, and a wide variety of birds really enjoy them. Birds such as woodpeckers, titmice, nuthatches, chickadees, jays and more will frequent peanut feeders. Many of their visits will be to carry peanuts off and cache them for a later meal. Cardinals and White-throated Sparrows will pluck them off the ground, carrying the peanut away for a nutritious snack.

Peanuts in the shell are typically used for some of the larger billed birds such as jays. Titmice also enjoy peanuts in the shell and grackles can also be taught to fly in for them! Of course, squirrels and chipmunks will be mighty pleased if you offer them any kind of peanut!

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