Seed & Seed Blends


Nesting SuperBlend™ 

Stay seasonally savvy and give your birds what they need when they need it most. Our nesting blend is especially formulated with essential protein and calcium for nesting families. These, along with high fat content, provide the exactly what birds need to see them through pre-nesting, nesting, and molting times. Protein helps feathers grow in, calcium supports healthy eggshell and bone growth, and fat-rich foods provide high energy for busy bird parents providing for their nest. Can be added in with your favorite blend as well.

Deluxe Blend

Deluxe Blend features oil sunflower, white millet, safflower and striped sunflower to create a multi-purpose blend that feeds birds at the feeder and on the ground.

Choice Blend

Our Choice Blend is a fantastic combination of high-oil content seeds. The black oil sunflower, sunflower chips, shelled peanuts, safflower and striped sunflower do a great job of attracting a variety of birds, including chickadees, woodpeckers, titmice, nuthatches and jays. 

Tree Nutty Plus Blend

TreeNutty™ Plus Blend is loaded with chopped tree nuts, shelled peanuts and sunflower chips along with oil sunflower, striped sunflower and raisins. It also contains added calcium, an important ingredient that helps promote strong bones and eggs. Birds love this!

Finch Blend

A finch favorite. Contains Nyjer® and fine sunflower chips.

Winter SuperBlend™Essential

Essential energy and fats support winter survival. 


Our unique No-Mess Blend bird seed features seeds that have had their shells removed so only the meat of the seed is left. No hulls on the seeds makes for tidier feeding. Pound for pound, our No-Mess Blend bird seed offers the best value because you do not pay for uneaten seed waste.

No Mess CD

Our No-Mess Blend CD's mix of sunflower chips and diced peanuts is a great basic mix that appeals to a wide variety of birds. 

No Mess LM

Our No-Mess Blend LM's mix of sunflower chips, hulled white millet, diced peanuts and shelled peanuts appeals to birds that eat at the feeder or on the ground.  

No Mess Plus

No-Mess Plus Blend features sunflower chips, shelled peanuts, chopped tree nuts, Bark Butter Bits®, cherries, cranberries and calcium creating a 100% edible blend to meet your birds’ needs with seeds, fats and fruits. It also contains added calcium, an important ingredient that helps promote strong bones and eggs. Birds go nuts over this blend!


Straight Seed


Nyjer® (thistle) is finches' favorite food. It's high oil content makes it an excellent energy source for active birds, and it's best used in our specially designed finch feeders. It is important to keep the food fresh because finches can be picky eaters. Nyjer has a thin shell and is vulnerable to spoilage while in the tube. Once seed starts to dry out and become stale, finches will look for fresher forage. Replace Nyjer in feeders every three to four weeks if it is not being actively eaten. Store your Nyjer in an airtight container for a longer shelf life, and buy in quantities that will be used up in a few weeks.

Sunflower Chips

Hulled Sunflower is birds’ favorite food but without the mess of shell debris.Get more birds for your bucks by offering sunflower seeds without their shells. No shells means no mess under your feeder. Hulled sunflower seeds have a high oil content and provide birds with an extra kick of energy. It's an ideal seed to offer in feeders near patios, sidewalks or balconies. Offering hulled sunflower is also cost efficient, because you're not paying for the shells that are not consumed.

Black Oil Sunflower

Premium Oil Sunflower is a favorite of almost all seed-eating birds and the most common ingredient in our blends. Our Premium Oil Sunflower is a great source of energy for the birds and 99% free of sticks, stems or other foreign matter so your feeders won't clog with debris. Oilsunflower has a high calorie/ounce ratio due to its high fat and protein content and its relatively thin shell. Among seed ingredients, oil sunflower attracts the greatest variety of small and large seed-eating birds. Studies by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology have shown that most birds prefer oil sunflower seeds to both striped sunflower and white proso millet. Fill your feeders with this top-grade fuel, and watch the birds flock.


Sunflower-eating birds love Safflower; squirrels and blackbirds typically don’t. If you are looking to be more exclusive with your bird feeding, Safflower may be the solution for you. Many of your favorite birds will enjoy safflower, yet blackbirds, grackles and squirrels typically don't. Safflower can be offered in hopper, platform or tube feeders, and it is especially helpful for window or deck feeders where blackbirds or squirrels may be a problem. Offer safflower gradually, mixing it with the seed blends you currently provide, and over time, you'll end up with a dining spot for all kinds of birds, including House Finches, woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees.

White Proso Millet

Birds such as juncos, doves, towhees, sparrows and quail are all birds that naturally forage on the ground for food. These same birds love millet when offered in a tray feeder near the ground. It’s a small, round seed that can be offered alone or as part of a seed blend.



Shelled Roasted Peanut Splits

Peanuts are the best single source of protein and fat for your birds and a great addition to the choices you offer in your yard. Peanuts are a high-energy food, and a wide variety of birds really enjoy them. Birds such as woodpeckers, titmice, nuthatches, chickadees, jays and more will frequent peanut feeders. Many of their visits will be to carry peanuts off and cache them for a later meal. We offer a variety of bird feeders that allow the birds to pull the peanuts from the feeder, and they can cling anywhere they want.

Peanuts in The Shell

Peanuts in the shell are typically used for feeding squirrels and some of the larger billed birds such as jays. Titmice and nuthatches also enjoy peanuts in the shell. Use our peanuts in the shell in your peanut feeders to provide the energy that birds need.


Treats and Specialty Foods

Eared Corn

While not a seed, we figured we would let you in on a little secret...some people enjoy feeding their squirrels! Looking for a simple, no mess way to feed the backyard critters? Ear corn is the answer. Ear corn is a backyard food that can be offered year-round. It is ideal for feeding squirrels and jays and can be offered in a variety of feeders, from ground or hanging trays, to feeders designed specifically to hold the ear corn and make the squirrels work hard to get the food while entertaining you and your family.

Wildlife Blend

Wildlife Blend's mix of whole corn kernels, oil sunflower, peanuts in the shell, shelled peanuts and striped sunflower is bound to satisfy wildlife and birds alike.

Dried Meal Worms

Attract more insect-eating birds with meal worms! A high-fat, high-protein treat, meal worms can be mixed with seed or offered on their own. Great for nesting season or year-round.

Live Meal Worms

Live meal worms are a wonderful treat for your backyard birds.  Your backyard birds will gobble these insects up.  They can be offered in a wide variety of dishes and feeders. Live meal worms need to be kept in the fridge which keeps them cool and in their larval form.