Check Our Wide Variety of Bird Baths and Water Accessories


Not all birds will visit a feeder, but all birds do need water and many will visit a water feature in your yard--even those that do not often visit feeders! American Robins, while not a typical or common feeder bird (though, you can attract them!), will happily drink from and bathe in a birdbath. You can significantly increase the number of birds visiting your yard by providing a source of water such as birdbaths. Our birdbaths and stands are the perfect addition to your bird-friendly backyard habitat. They are shallow and slope gradually into the middle which makes birds feel comfortable when bathing. 

Add a water agitator, such as a Water Wiggler, to enhance your bath set up: Moving water attracts birds. The unique agitator action creates continuous ripples in the water, preventing mosquitoes from laying eggs. It is easy to install. Just place and go. It has a long battery life and operates 24 hours per day.

In the winter, consider switching over to a heated bath, or add a WBU heater to keep the water from freezing and provide birds with a place to bathe--and, more importantly, drink--year round.

We carry a wide variety of beautiful and functional baths and accessories!