Got Bald Birds?

 Pretty soon we're going to start noticing some VERY. FUNNY. LOOKING. birds!  Gorgeous cardinals will look ridiculous with their bald heads and the usually splendid Blue Jays will look like mini dinosaurs as they lose their head feathers.  Goldfinches become sort of scruffy...everyone's just a hot mess but in reality, it's an avian makeover! 

Like human hair or fingernails, feathers are basically "dead" structures. Over the year, they become worn and damaged and need to be replaced.  This process is known as molting. 

Molting can be a dangerous period for birds if there are not sufficient resources for them to molt properly. Flying may be difficult if not impossible while molting, which makes birds more susceptible to predators, and while feathers are missing, a bird's insulation and protection from poor weather are compromised. If a bird does not get proper nutrition while molting, its feathers may be thinner or poorly formed, creating difficulties that can last for months or years.


You can help ease the dangers of molting by providing a rich, reliable food source for birds to take advantage of, along with safe, secure shelter for birds that become more elusive and shy while molting. If birds trust their habitat to meet their molting needs, they will stay around during this uncertain period, giving birders the opportunity to witness molting firsthand and enjoy ever more intimate knowledge of their favorite feathered friends. 

Help out by providing our WBU Nesting Superblend.  Yes, it's called "nesting blend" but it's high protein content is just perfect for assisting your birds in their annual makeover!