Why Drink Bird Friendly Coffee?

When it comes to bird conservation, the coffee you drink matters.  Alot. 

Did you know that you have an opportunity to make a difference every single morning by drinking bird friendly certified coffee? It isn’t a gimmick, we promise.

90% of migratory stopover habitat is not protected in Central America.  Most of this habitat is within working lands-areas where people live off the land and support their families through farming and timber harvesting. This is why drinking Bird Friendly coffee is so important.

Unlike sun grown coffee which is produced in sterile monoculture environments devoid of most wildlife species, shade grown coffee is grown beneath an intact tree canopy which provides habitat to hundreds of birds, mammals and other wildlife species.

In order to be certified Bird Friendly, producers must meet the following:

The requirements for organic certification ,
Minimum of 40 percent shade coverage
Recommendations for the diversity and size of trees that make up the forest canopy.

These standards ensure a variety of habitats that supports a wealth of wildlife.


 When you are drinking sun grown coffee know that vast swaths of land have been cleared for coffee production.

This is detrimental to birds for several reasons:

Large areas are clear cut and wiped of natural vegetation

Sun grown coffee requires fertilizers and pesticides

More water is used

Coffee grows faster and is of lower quality

When forests are cleared away for coffee farms, so is critical bird habitat!


Look at the difference when coffee is produced in a bird friendly manner!

Grown under tree canopies, within natural forest areas

Requires less chemicals and water

Coffee matures more slowly, which means it tastes better

Biodiversity is preserved and areas are ecologically healthy

Provides habitat for 20x more species of birds


Wild Birds Unlimited is proud to be the only retailer within Nassau County carrying Birds & Beans Bird Friendly, Organic and Fair Trade Certified Coffee


Birds and Beans 

Drink bird friendly coffee and do your part to help save birds!